Pig Out BBQ
Do your mouth a flavor!


Welcome to the Pig Out. We're glad you found us! Here at Pig Out, we believe in doing one thing and doing it well. BBQ is all we do. Come on in and see us. Just a small country place, we worry more about product than presentation. Located at the crossroads of New Cut and John Dodd Road,  we look like an old filling station. Built in 1976, our building, once a center piece in the area, was a gas station and covienience store. In 1999, Joe Crook had a dream of making the best BBQ place in the state. Over years, with hard work, patience, and help from God, that dream is becoming a reality. So stop by sometime and give us a try. You'll be glad you did!!

In 2013, we took a chance, and built a second Restaurant in Drayton, South Carolina. We expanded our family and enjoy serving a new group of friends. Located between Spartanburg Regional and Mary Black Hospitals, we see an ever expanding group of hungry people looking for some good old fashion BBQ. In 2016 we lost Joe, our founder, to cancer. it was a tough year, but the community really stepped in and helped us through our grief. A few folks wondered what would become of little old Pig Out with his passing. We are proud to say that we intend to carry on. Jennifer Bauer, Joe's daughter, and Mark McDowell, Joe's apprentice, decided without hesitation to take up the call and follow in his steps.

So, come check us out. Doesn't matter which Pig Out you choose. We'll be glad to see you. We're trying some new things. But, BBQ is what we do. So, come on in!!
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